DW Exclusive! Mystery Holiday Crochet Along Featuring A New Pattern by Unravel Me Designs!

DW Exclusive! Mystery Holiday Crochet Along Featuring A New Pattern by Unravel Me Designs!

Design Wars Mystery Holiday CALFollow these simple steps to participate in our first ever Mystery Holiday Crochet Along:

1. Get the pattern on ravelry, RIGHT HERE. Please note that it will be available in two parts, and you will receive automatic updates for each via ravelry:

1) Part I on November 27,

2) Part II on December 2.

2. Share YOUR pictures! After each part is completed, use the InLinkz button below to load an image as requested! However, please be considerate of your fellow MCALers – no spoiler posts please!

3. Enter to win a pattern of your choice from Unravel Me Designs – we’ll have 3 winners for this prize!

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  1. Did any of the winners even do the CAL? There are not many pictures posted. Would sure love to see everyone’s! Congratulations to the Winners.

    • Thank you, I thought I was being “touchy” lol But I just had to say it.

      • Yes, I thought the rules stated that you had to post a picture. I guess that the pictures did not really matter as much as I thought. I am new to these contests but I am having fun with them so I guess that is all that is really important. :) Enjoy your projects and your holidays.


        • I see which one is yours now and it is beautiful.

    • Thank you for your interest in Design Wars Tammy! Photo submissions for this Mystery CAL were not mandatory as an entry option, but merely an extra option toward winning a pattern from Unravel Me. Our CALs are meant to be fun, and participants may follow, share and participate as they like :) Our giveaways on the blog are ran by rafflecopter, and are quite fair in determining winners. Thanks again for your interest in Design Wars, I hope you continue to enjoy our forum!

  2. Has anyone tried using your remaining 2 balls of RedHeart Shimmer to make a second stocking in the reverse colors? I am just wondering if there is enough yarn before I attempt.
    Fun project!

    • Yes, there should be enough to do reverse colors. I had enough – unless you have a ball that may have been short some yardage, you should be good.

      • I think a different colored toe or heel or both would be cute.

  3. That was fun. I cannot wait for another one :)

    • Did you post a pic? I would love to see your completed Stocking.

      • Yes I did. It is #2 above, the purple and cream colored one.

  4. Working on part 2 and having some difficulty with the count.

    • I finally finished yesterday after ripping the toe area out several times due to losing count and which row I was on. My husband does not quite understand that when I am counting, not to talk to me, lol. Anyway, if even one stitch is in the wrong place or the count is off even by one, it warps the entire thing. Keep trying, you will get it. Unlike many patterns that have a little room for a miscount here and there, this one does not…I have to admit that I was glad to finally get this one done. I want to make some more for gifts though so I am glad to have had the experience…Good luck to you :) Andi J.

    • Karen,

      Did you see the video I put together? The link is on top of Part 2, and that may help. :)

  5. Done, last night and ready to start on another!

  6. Do you want us to post a final picture when complete?

  7. Almost done.

  8. I just finished the first half of Part 2 and I must say, I DO feel like a rock star! :)

  9. So much fun

  10. i am excited and want to try but unfortunately cannot afford to purchase the patterns, maybe i can later

  11. I am excited. I finished part one yesterday and received part two today. I am almost finished with it. I am excited. This is going to be a gift for someone special :)

  12. wahoo got part II and will start working on it this evening…Gotta go to work now!

  13. Can’t wait to start on Part deux… but I think that I am too tired tonight!

  14. Where is part 2 of the pattern? I thought it was going to be available today…???

    • Thank you Sally! The designer is working on a video for part II, and said it should be available shortly :)

  15. It’s December 2nd…where is the installment for Part 2? Can’t wait to finish!

    • It’s coming Susan! I’m pretty excited too :0

  16. :)

  17. I think this is great, I can’t seem to capture the correct color of the yarn I am using, I will try tomorrow in the natural light

  18. This is fun, first CAL ever.

  19. Got my hook ready and waiting.

  20. Yay… Not sure where we are going yet, eager to see. Just got my yarn today gotta catch up

  21. Part one is finished and I’m eagerly awaiting Part 2…pretty sure I know what it’s going to be, too, but I’m not gonna tell!

  22. Oh 2 days to go for part II…

  23. Finished Part 1 – cannot wait until we can get Part 2!

  24. Hope to win!

  25. Are you suppose to post photos when we finish part I ?

    • oops are “we”…

      • You can use the InLinks button above to post your pictures as indicated! For part I, we’re asking CAL’ers to post an image of the yarn they are using for this project. Thanks!

        • ok thanks Yarn pic is posted….

    • Thank you Tammy! We first did ask for a sneak peek, but without any rules in place for what to take a photo of we decided to just ask followers to post a photo of the yarn they will use for this project :)

  26. So much fun!

  27. Almost done with phase 1! Can’t wait to see what it turns out to be!

  28. I can’t wait to see what it turns out to be!

  29. Happy Thanksgiving…have done with Part I

  30. loving my mystery….

  31. I love it and can’t wait until part 2 is released. Had my night off last night and finished part one :)

  32. This looks like a lot of fun!

  33. I’ve never done this before but I’m super excited!

  34. I’m in and getting started.

  35. Getting started.

  36. Yay mystery CAL, I love these things.

  37. mystery crochet along, interesting!

  38. I’m so excited to do this.

  39. ready for the challenge!!

  40. This would be great, but on a low fixed income I cannot afford to buy the pattern.

  41. Is it a one off purchase or do we pay for each part?

    • Thank you for your interest Lesley! The pattern is just one purchase, and each part will automatically be updated as soon as it’s available ;)

  42. Is it just one pattern to purchase or do we pay for each part?

  43. I think I already know what we are making! I saw a similar thing on my favorite crochet dudes Christmas projects. I’m so in

  44. Can’t wait to see what it is

  45. I can’t wait to get started on this project! I love mystery CALs! :)

  46. Looking forward to working on this project. I love all the projects that each designer has done in all the issues. I can’t wait until the next round starts.

  47. Looking forward to receiving the pattern tomorrow ! WOOOOOOO-HOOOOO!

  48. Can’t wait, have ordered my yarn.

  49. I’m in.

  50. I am excited!

  51. This sounds like a lot of fun. I’m in also.

  52. Sounds like fun..can’t wait.

  53. Yes this makes me very happy :)

  54. Count me in. Hope that I can finish on time.

  55. This should be fun. Hopefully I can finish along with Christmas gifts.

  56. I am in, can’t wait. Got my yarn yesterday.

  57. I am ready and waiting…

  58. Very excited about the mystery CAL. I can’t wait to see what it is.

  59. I’m excited to start!

  60. Purchased the pattern, going to get my yarn tomorrow. So excited, can’t wait!!! Thank you thank you!!

  61. So excited! This is going to be fun… already purchased the pattern!

  62. I’ve never done a CAL and I’m soo excited to get started!

  63. Really excited to try this!

  64. Looking forward to unraveling the mystery.

  65. Excited to see what it turns out to be!

  66. It sounds fun but no time this year

  67. Sounds like fun…Can’t wait!!

  68. Oh how fun! I can’t wait!

  69. Exciting! Will be fun to see everyone’s finished project!

  70. Yay! I’m in! and I’m excited.. I love CAl’s that are true mysteries :)

  71. This is my first challenge. I am excited. It should be fun.

  72. So Jazzed, Love it

  73. I’ve never done a CAL before…I’m excited! :)

  74. I am so excited!!! This is my first mystery crochet along!!!! :D I can hardly contain myself!

  75. Oh, exciting! I can’t wait to dive in!

  76. This looks fun!!

  77. I think that it is awesome to connect such a fun project with all the fans! I am looking forward to it!

  78. Looks like fun!

  79. I’m hoping to be able to participate in this one. The Mystery CAL’s always look like so much fun!

  80. I’m in. My first CAL!!

  81. Theresa’s patterns are wonderful! I am really excited to participate in the crochet along and cant wait to see what the final product is!

  82. I am definitely in!

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