DW4 Newsletter | Issue 10

DW4 Newsletter | Issue 10

Design Wars 4 STATS

Design Wars keeps getting better, and bigger! Sure, we’ve bounced around a few times on host blogs and pages before finding our own home, but I’m proud to say that we’ve had an undying community that’s stuck with us and supported us the whole way! Thanks to all the original DW fans, and welcome to all our new ones; we look forward to many more successes ahead, and to sharing them with all you lovely folks! Like STATS? So do we! And I’m excited to report our best numbers to date, thanks to all of you :)

Design Wars 4 Patterns

You’re probably interested in getting you hooks into our patterns already, am I right? You’re in luck! Most of them are already available on our PATTERNS page, enjoy!

Debbie Stoller Giveaway Design Wars

Yep, I tracked down Debbie Stoller and had the absolutely pleasure of interviewing her for our Design Wars community! Her feature will be released on our BLOG in the following few weeks, and I’ll be giving away a signed copy of her book, the Happy Hooker! Check our SCHEDULE for updates, and our FANPAGE is always a great way to keep up with us too!

chirp chirp Stool Cover Design Wars 4 Pattern Just Be Happy Crochet PatternsWe love to hear from our fans, especially if you’ve used any of our Design Wars patterns, so please share them with us! Send your work to [email protected] and we may feature your projects!

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Mamachee Crochet PatternsThis newsletter was proudly sponsored by Mamachee Crochet Patterns! If you are interested in supporting Design Wars, we have an array of SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES that are economical and provide rewarding results! We really do love our sponsors, and would appreciate your support. Thank you!

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