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What is Design Wars?

Design Wars is a crochet challenge formed in late 2012 by Salena Baca. This forum is presented as an opportunity for independent crochet artists who are serious about their career, ready to progress professionally in their field, and looking to form meaningful networking opportunities within the crochet arena! Design Wars has worked to collaborate with such forums as Red Heart Yarns, Crochet Today,  and Inside Crochet to broaden our reach and create a strong community of crochet enthusiasts!

When do challenges take place?

Roughly, each new design challenge is held quarterly. We are introducing Alumni Challenges too, which will be held in between our quarterly design challenges.

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Yes, I Want To Know

I love the camaraderie of the contestants. I love that they share and compliment each other’s handiwork

Audrey B. H.

Design Wars is just so creative! I appreciate all the hard work that has gone into this project!

Charlotte S.

I’ve enjoyed all the Design Wars Challenges! I love the crazy amounts of talent shown in the final reveals!

Jenn D.

What a fun and inspiring way to follow crochet! Everything about Design Wars is modern, and I always find one pattern that I can’t live without!

Cindy P.